This website is dedicated to 
all things related to Nova Scotian bred and raised Fjord Horses, artwork that represents these fine horses, and the way of life that has drawn each of us to this tremendous location.

This organization was formed late in 2008 and will continue to grow with the goal of becoming a valuable resource for all things Fjord.   Please check back often for our planned updates. 
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Why are we using “Art” to promote Fjord Horses? 

Humans have always needed a vehicle to satisfy our senses, our soul, and our emotions.  This vehicle is “Art”. Art can make us feel things words cannot express.  If you own already a Fjord, you know how difficult it is to describe to somebody why you love this animal.  This is what artists are for.  They take the facts and transfer them into other dimensions.  In countless hours, using the medium of their choice, with the talents they've been blessed, they try to express through their art work the characteristics that have touched our hearts.   

Nova Fjords has asked only experienced artists who are masters in their subject to help us in spreading the beauty and uniqueness of this ancient breed.  Every artist is asked to experience the Fjord Horse and to interpret them in his/her artistic way.  

Here are the first results.  We offer you works of art that you can touch and enjoy every minute of the day.  They will always give you the tranquillity of our Fjord friends, even though no human art can be a replacement for the real creature.

New artwork recently added.  Click here to see the latest additions.